November 8 – 20, 2019

Welcome to ECU Schools Internet Championship 2019!

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The tournament for the U17 age group of the Third ECU School Team Internet Championship has ended November 20. 27 teams from 9 countries competed in a 7-round Swiss type tournament using ECU's special score calculation and the time control of 10 minutes +3 seconds per move.

The struggle for the first place was tight until the very end, but the team of School 481 (Russia) won with the score of 19. Scoala Gimnaziala Matei Basarab (Romania) is following close second with the same team score, just a few tiebreaking points behind. Eagles 1 (Russia) is in third place with 18 points. Three teams scored 17 with close tiebreakers: 4th place - Rishonchess (Israel), 5th place - Serbia-Sportska gimnazija Beograd (Serbia), 6th place - Cantor Chess (Germany). The team Great Expectations (Ukraine) took the 7th place with the score of 16. Three of the teams with 15 points are closing the top 10: Unirea Big Team (Romania) in 8th place, Heinrich Hertz (Germany) in 9th and Siemens Gymnasium Magdeburg in 10th.

11th place: XIV Liceum (Poland), Score: 15.

12th place: TAJAK (Slovakia), Score: 15.

13th place: LSS Enriques (Italy), Score: 15.

14th place: NATIONAL (Romania), Score: 14.

15th place: Ort Dafna Bialik (Israel), Score: 13.

16th place: Wiseangels Group B (Ukraine), Score: 13.

17th place: BILINKY POPRAD (Slovakia), Score: 13.

18th place: MEDIAS. ROMANIA (Romania), Score: 13.

19th place: JGS Rotenburg (Germany), Score: 13.

20th place: Protagonists (Albania), Score: 12.

21st place: DARK KNIGHTS (Slovakia), Score: 12.

22nd place: GS24PO (U11 group, Germany), Score: 12.

23rd place: Ecolea Rostok U17 (Germany), Score: 12.

24th place: ZŠ Dvory nad Žitavou (Slovakia), Score: 12.

25th place: PIARISTI (Slovakia), Score: 12.

26th place: Smardan (Romania), Score: 11.

27th place: Unirea Team (U11 group, Romania), Score: 10.


The tournament for the U11 age group of the Third ECU School Team Internet Championship has ended November 13. 19 teams logged in to the playing zone in time and took part in the competition. The tournament used ECU's special score calculation under the Swiss system with 7 rounds, time control for each game: 10 minutes +3 seconds per move.

In the end of tough struggle, the team of Moscow School No.2101 (Russia) took the first place with impressive score of 21. School 481 (Moscow, Russia) is running second with 18 points. Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu Seccondary School (Romania) follows closely with the score of 17. Just one point behind come three contestants with the score of 16 and very close tiebreakers: 4th place - Ecole Elementaire du Guichet (France), 5th place - Dreieins-Team (Germany), 6th place - THE OPPOSITION (Romania). The teams Chess Bell (Croatia) and SAKK-MATT (Romania) scored 15 points each taking 7th and 8th places respectively by tiebreakers. Closing the tope 10 teams of the tournament with 14 are teams GRIVITA (Romania) in 9th place Siemens Gymnasium Magdeburg (Germany).

11th place: Escola Mogent (Spain), Score: 13.

12th place: Grundschule Tegernheim (Germany), Score: 13.

13th place: Wiseangels Group A (Ukraine), Score: 13.

14th place: GS24PO (Germany), Score: 13.

15th place: Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 1 (Romania), Score: 13.

16th place: Brothers and Girls (Germany), Score: 13.

17th place: PIARISTI (Slovakia), Score: 12.

18th place: Casa Mae (Portugal), Score: 11.

19th place: School of Careers (Cyprus), Score: 10.

For the teams that didn't log in by the start of the main event, we launched a separate 4-round training competition. In that tournament, Ecolea Rostok U11 (Germany) took the first place with 10 points. Grundschule Lichtenhagen (Germany) came in second place, and SAN MIGUEL ARCANGEL A (Spain) in third place - both with 9 points and almost identical tiebreakers. 4th place was taken by Unirea Team (Romania), also with 9 points. SAN MIGUEL ARCANGEL B (Spain) joined the fun late, but also managed to finish with 9 points, ending up in 5th place.

We geatly apologize to the Unirea Team (Romania) that came online in time but couldn't play in the main event due to a technical oversight on our side.


Welcome to the First European School Team Chess Internet Championship 2019!

The European Chess Union (ECU), the Education Committee of ECU (EC), and the International School Chess Union (ISCU) have the honour of inviting all National Chess Federations of the ECU to the First ECU School Team Internet Championships 2019 from November 13 to November 20, 2019.

Quick Intro

  • Format: Online team tournament
  • When: November 13, 15:00 CET (U11) and November 20, 15:00 CET (U17)
  • Age groups: U11 (under 11) and U17 (under 17)
  • Team composition: 4 players (2 boys, 2 girls) from the same school
  • Host platform: Chess King Playing Zone

Host Platform and Organization

The Championship will be played in Chess King Playing Zone.

Teams will play from the school computer classrooms under the supervision of school coach/teacher and official person (licensed arbiter of National Chess Federation). In addition, each player’s computer must have a working web camera.


Tournament Entry Form (fill and email to


Chess King Playing Zone is an advanced platform with rich selection of tools for hosting all kinds of chess tournaments.

The Organising Comitte of First European School Team Internet Championship 2019 provides free hosting and support for National Qualifying Tournaments held at the playing zone by National Chess Federations in Europe.

Match between Romanian Children Club "Gambit" n.a. Elisabeta Polihronide and Russian School n.a. academician Kurchatov, November 26, 2016.  


Organising Committee of the First European School Team Chess Internet Championship 2019 invites Chess Federations of European countries to Chess King Playing Zone to hold national online tournaments that can serve both as National Championships among schools and as Qualifying Rounds for the First European School Team Chess Internet Championship 2019.

Quick Intro

  • Format: Online team tournament
  • Age groups: U11 (under 11) and U17 (under 17)
  • Terms and Rules: up to individual Chess Federation
  • Host platform: Chess King Playing Zone

Each Chess Federation is free to choose the rules and entry terms for the qualifying rounds, such as drawing system, number of rounds, entry fees (in favor of the National Chess Federation) etc.

Free Platform and Support

For these tournaments, the Organising Committee will provide Chess Federations with the following services for free:

  1. Chess King Playing Zone (interface in 10 languages; supports PC, MAC, Android and iOS)
  2. game servers maintenance and support during the tournament
  3. organisational support with creating and refereeing online tournaments in Chess King Playing Zone


Each tournament will be fully played in 1 day, under the Swiss System, at Chess King Playing Zone.

Players will have to come to their schools and prepare for their respective tournaments.

Playing Schedule

November 13, 15:00 CET

Tournament for schools under 11 years old

November 20, 15:00 CET

Tournament for schools under 17 years old

Technical Support

Kirill Pronin



Olga Alferova